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This tutorial is intended to help guide new web masters (like myself) in getting their own totally free, self-hosted WordPress.org blog up and running. I’m using Fedora 8 to accomplish this, but your distribution of Linux is probably very similar. In fact, a great guide for Ubuntu is located here on their wiki. I try to write my tutorials so that anybody with any distribution can accomplish the task. It may not be identical, but the principles are usually the same. By the way, the setup instructions for Fedora 8 are located in the directory usr/share/doc/wordpress.2.3.2 after installing the wordpress package.

Let’s get started….

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Tutorial: Tutorial: Setup a Totally Free, Self-Hosted WordPress.org Blog on DerekHildreth.com/Blog

Thank You.


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So, I just setup my laptop to run my own little HTTP server (called the Hildreth Server) so that friends and family can have access to ALL of my pictures in their full resolution glory. If you didn’t catch it before, it’s hosted on a laptop, so downtime will surely be there. It’s live whenever my laptop is on and connected to the internet. The address is http://sendderek.dyndns.org and I have included that link in the blogroll (on the right hand side of this page) for easy access. The only unfortunate side of this server is that it’s only going to be here until April, so you’d better take advantage of it now.

On the Hildreth Server, you’ll find it’s quite simple. There are a few links to various places included my pictures folder as well as my music folder. Also, there are a few links to some of my other places online. Here’s a screenshot for proof:

Now, there are some restrictions to the website. I didn’t want all of my pictures/music up for the whole world to see, so they have been password protected. If you are family or a friend, then you should have gotten the e-mail with the username and password for both places. If you’ve lost it, contact me with an email or instant message and I’ll get it to you again.

Thanks for checking it out!

For those geeks of you wondering, it’s powered by Apache and Fedora 8 Linux. I may write up a tutorial on how to setup your own webserver later. If you have any requests, just let me know. 

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