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I’d like to introduce you to a pretty neat program called Metapixel which produces photomosaics. The programs website describes it as this:

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How To Make Great Photo Mosaics with Metapixel
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I got a real kick out of this program I stumbled upon called metapixel. You’ve seen these types of pictures before in art galleries and such, but some programmer out there figured out how to make it easy on the rest of us! Here are some of the results that I got from a collection of 1,880 photos. Enjoy!


To get the best experience, after clicking on the album link “Mosaics”, download the photos one by one so you can get the full resolution images and zoom into each of the smaller photos. If you can’t, consider settling for the online Slideshow!

If you’re interested on how to create these yourself, I’ve written a tutorial located here: How To Make Great Photo Mosaics with Metapixel.

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