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This was a semester-long research project that I had chosen here at BYU-Idaho for my Advanced/Technical Writing class.  I have uploaded the final version of my paper including the letter to my teacher, Phil Murdock, as well as a list to the Appendixes on the last page.  These probably won’t mean much to you, so feel free to skip down to the title page.  I had also given an oral presentation on my research and if you would like, you may download the overview presentation from the link at the bottom of this post.


This research focuses on the reasons behind the fact that there hasn’t been a processor released to the public with clock speeds of over 4GHz. The current fastest commercial processor is 3.8GHz and has been that way for two years and counting. Reasons as to why this has occurred in the market today includes Intel’s marketing strategies, electrical migration (electromigration), and electrical current jumps (subthreshold voltage). A solution to these limitations includes building a smarter processor, rather than one with sheer strength. Processors like the recent Core Duo processor from Intel including multiple cores has stepped up to the challenge and has had huge success. Another way of smart computing is by the use of quantum mechanics, using the laws of physics to design a new type of processor. This research intends to investigate these findings.

Computer Developement in Park: Delays of a 4GHz Processor

Overview Presentation:

For those of you who are interested in the research project, but would rather view the “cliff-notes”, an overview presentation is available in the following link:

CPU Development in Park (PowerPoint)

(You will need either OpenOffice or at least PowerPoint Viewer to view this presentation.)


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