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Hello Family and Friends!

I won’t get between you and the video… so click play (description afterwards)!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed it! I know it was short, but it was surely a giggle! I have a feeling that she would have giggled even more if I hadn’t interrupted her by grabbing the camera. Anyways, she sure seemed to enjoy that sock monkey.

We also have a few other photos that we haven’t shared yet, so I thought this would be a good time to do it. In the first album, Qeirstyn had gotten herself all wrapped up in some of Dad’s clothes, taken a bath with her rubber duckies, and refused to swallow some of her “turkey and potatoes” meal. There’s just a few quick shots of Qeirstyn in the second album in the coat that Mom had made for her. Enjoy the pictures! Remember that the full resolution pictures are available on the Hildreth Server until April just in case you wanted ’em.

From Bath and Feed…
From Cute Qeirstyn…

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